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Crane Concept

Crane Concept BV. the innovative crane rental company.


More and more, additional requirements are being requested from the crane operator. It is not just about supplying a crane, but also supplying additional wishes from the customer.


Crane Concept works on a project basis to relieve its clients as much as possible.


We are the only company that supplies a qualified rigger or second operator as standard that helps build the crane, adjusts it safely and ensures that bystanders keep a safe distance.

We think along with a project and the lifting needs are laid down in this. To be able to carry out the project, Crane Concept provides the necessary equipment, crew and lifting equipment. We can do this at any location within the Netherlands and, if desired, abroad. The riggers or second operator are completely attuned to each other. Due to the double occupation, the turnaround stops in shift work can be carried out as much as possible with your own people.


Our operational employees are geared to work internationally and in shifts.


Crane Concept specializes in working as a subcontractor for larger telecom crane companies, turnaround stops in the petrochemical industry and for major civil works.


Your benefits listed:

  • All cranes are double occupied with operator and rigger
  • Turnkey solutions for projects
  • Shifts with own people
  • Working safely with occupied riggers
  • Always availability of cranes and people at work
  • Foreman contact person and present at work

If you have a project in preparation, feel free to contact us for a no-obligation conversation.


Other services:

  • Sale of used cranes
  • Repair and maintenance of cranes and equipment
  • Own manufacture of stamping plates

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